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Efficient inflight cash management is crucial to maintaining financial control, accurately tracking sales, preventing fraud, and having a ground for data-based decision-making in terms of reporting and creating relevant statistics. Being so much more than just a point-of-sale device with a back office and connection to a clearing company or a bank, It is one of the hottest topics during the time being as mentioned capacity issues do not meet the demand, which in turn create extreme pipelines for implementation and forces airlines and operators to postpone their plans for service transformation. The good news is that part of the problem lies in the inability of parties to find the right people to talk to, a simple fix that is necessary to get things going and in the right direction. At the event, we will have the strongest options for cash management solutions that would suit every airline independently of the size or business model.

More to that, as we are standing firmly in the 4th industry, we will not be limited to cash management only. The aviation industry as such tends to lack from the headway in tech progress and greener energy and sustainability due to strict regulations and other known reasons, yet there are numerous solutions for enhancing the flight program, such as digital menu technology, waste management modules, augmented reality tools, sustainable material implementation, fuel and engine rearrangement programmes and other exciting opportunities to immerse into the new digital era.

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