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Onboard and Inflight, the Crew is your most important, and most powerful Point-of-Sale. With the right training and engagement, Crew can uplevel your ancillary revenues in a considerable way. Being an important pillar for a successful inflight retail program, it still often gets overlooked!

Rather than introducing incentive schemes or other forms of stimulation to put the topic to bet, we intend to celebrate our cabin heroes the same way as we did during the first edition of the AmberSky, that took place in Riga in 2015. The cabin crew will attend training conducted by our experienced trainers who have vast experience both in the air and in the classroom. The training will be a lot of fun, yet the best cabin crew will be selected and awarded as per respective categories with the most valuable being the “inflight person in the air”.

In case you represent the airline – before you decide how many cabin crew to apply for AmberSky event we would like to provide answers to 3 questions:

WHY crew should be included in AmberSky 2025 sales training:

  • Airlines implement digital sales tools on board and try to reach customers through different channels, nevertheless, the role of cabin crew in sales is still irreplaceable.
  • Only the cabin crew can provide an emotional connection between the customer and the product. The cabin crew adds human value to any sales interaction.
  • After AmberSky training there are also opportunities to further use and implement their gained motivation, knowledge, and skills into building or strengthening the airline’s sales culture.
  • The role of cabin crew when it comes to retail onboard is ever evolving with the introduction of new onboard technology. With AmberSky’s focus on technology solutions, it proves a perfect platform to address this new role, its opportunities, the changes to onboard procedures, commission & incentives, along with the skill set that is relevant today.

WHAT is the outcome of AmberSky Sales training for cabin crew:

  • Encouragement, knowledge, and skills for being a significant part of the sales process on board by engaging and interacting proactively with customers instead of relying on the customer to make the first move. Especially considering the increasing role of digital services.
  • The necessary toolset and motivation to become the sales ambassadors in their airline to kick off the internal sales culture onboard.
  • We foresee the sales role of cabin crew developing into that of ’Brand Ambassadors’ and as ‘brand advisors’ they will be able to ‘share brand stories’ in a way that is engaging, authentic, and inspiring.

 HOW this outcome will be achieved:

  • By interactive, competitive, and motivational training.
  • By lots of practical activities and challenges that reinforce “buying” the message of crew role and skills in onboard sales.
  • By experiencing a lot of fun, positive emotions, and team active cooperation.


The airline industry is moving towards digital solutions in onboard sales by developing devices for product ordering and other services. Nevertheless, in-person communication is still irreplaceable and significant for sales activities onboard. Onboard sales are rather emotional than rational, so in-person communication and interaction may encourage customers to open up for sales actions. It is cabin crew that makes sales alive and fun. It is the cabin crew making sales entertaining and memorable. It means the cabin crew has great power and influence for increasing sales onboard.

AmberSky sales training lets you find out how to use this power wisely and get the biggest fun and satisfaction from the process.

AmberSky sales training will give you the following:

Knowledge and skills:

This training includes the development of knowledge and skills that efficiently build competencies for you to be successful in any area of socializing and interaction. You will boost your skills in establishing a trustful relationship that leads to cooperation and mutual understanding. There are so many situations on board when cabin crew has to convince customers to do or stop doing something – competencies covered in Amber Sales training will assist you in establishing successful cooperation.

During the training, we will discover and practice effective sales techniques that are crucial for connecting with different customer profiles and providing them with the most targeted information about specific products.

Useful information about new products

During the training, you will meet suppliers presenting different and interesting products. You will receive a lot of information that will be useful for completing your tasks, you will also get products to try out and get familiar with, and probably fall in love with some of them.

Some products presented may be sold by your airline on board, which means you will be able to find out more about them and ask specific questions on the spot.

New friendships and fun

AmberSky sales training is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn new knowledge and skills, widen your horizons, and share experiences with CC from other airlines. During the training, you will be going through a lot of group activities to get to the result by putting together different experiences and skills. It makes the training process dynamic and interesting. You will be able to learn and practice with your colleagues from different cultures and experiences.

The training will be active and full of fun, leading to interesting interactions and cooperation with each other. Be ready to open up, use your creativity and humour, and also make use of your cooperation skills for successful teamwork.

The training will close with a great GALA event that will mark the completion of all your interactions, efforts, and work during the training. We will celebrate work and energy invested, our achievements, simply being together and friendship. AmberSky GALA event will be a sincere, pure, and emotional conclusion of 3 days of work!

Being out-of-routine and enthusiasm

AmberSky sales training provides cabin crew with a chance to get out of routine, feel the difference, and gain new ideas and approaches for gratifying sales performance. As a result, you will see your sales activities in a more interesting, mindful, and fun way when coming back to your everyday duties.


AmberSky training is 3 days long. These three days are guaranteed to be full of excitement, fun, energy, competition, and valuable work.

The first day covers the main information that will be used for implementing and practicing (skills, techniques, and facts). All the programme is based on a great number of practical activities in groups, so you will be able to apply your knowledge and experience to enrich the training and develop by sharing.

The second day will be focused on product knowledge developing and discovering new, interesting products. This process will be connected with competencies covered previously and completing definite tasks for each airline.

On the third day, “The Stage is Yours!” – a summary of and a report on what has been done. Each airline will share the results of what has been learned, practiced, discovered and done.

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