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Product suppliers are the heart of the onboard sales system, and their products are the bloodstream. Product suppliers help to generate revenue, that the airlines are looking for, where airlines, with service and technologies, need to turn this into a worthwhile experience for passengers. AmberSky will feature suppliers who have experience and solid selling products that are performing well in the airline and Duty-Free industry: food, soft drinks and alcohol, cosmetics, fragrances, gadgets, electronics, fashion accessories, and every other category that generates passenger interest and ensures sales. The event will include business development events followed by festive evenings where both – airline representatives and suppliers, participate together, cementing bonds that are created during the trade show meetings.

Every airline at the event is guaranteed to have:

  • A meeting schedule approved by each airline, ensuring individual visits and time with each attending airline
  • Free admission to every networking event (event lunch and dinners, evening networking events)
  • 2-day Trade Show stand with equipment 2×3 meters (pictures available on request) + 2 participant cards
  • Company products and company details are listed in the event homepage and magazine
  • Provided samples to be featured in Cabin Crew training and presentation activities
  • Best hotel rate at the event
Register for the event