The Importance of Ancillary Revenue for Airlines.
In the span of a decade, global ancillary revenues more than doubled
In 2022, Airlines Rake in $29 Billion from Baggage Fees.
Low-cost carriers have always seen baggage as a money spinner and now legacy carriers want a slice o...
Taking the In-Flight Shopping Experience Digital: OneFi by Inmarsat.
Today, Inmarsat unveiled platform for enhancing the in-flight passenger experience named OneFi.
Ryanair Tests Ordering via Smartphones.
For budget carriers, supplementary income isn't merely a bonus.
Spirit Reports a $99m Net Loss, Highlighting the Importance of Ancillary Revenues.
Like many of its counterparts, Spirit Airlines grappled with challenges in 2020.
Following Emirates' Business Class model, Lufthansa plans to deconstruct airfare packages.
Lufthansa has announced plans to segment airfares with the aim of boosting ancillary revenue.
EasyJet has chosen Omnevo as its e-commerce ally for onboard retailing.
The initial stage of easyJet's revamped digital platform will launch this fall.
Coccinelle broadens its travel retail presence following a 20% business growth.
The firm has branched out into the cruise industry and now offers inflight experiences.
Hanse Distribution sets its sights on broadening its presence in the travel retail sector for fragrances and cosmetics.
"We see immense growth potential in the fragrance and cosmetics sectors, both for us and our exclusi...
Foreo furthers its inflight presence by partnering with 3Sixty Duty Free.
Foreo has expanded its listings to include VietJet Air, Tigerair Taiwan, RwandAir, and UK Virgin Atl...